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            MOOSE MOONRace is founded by Salma Nadaf, who enjoys outdoor activities and she is an experienced professional in the international apparel business. When Salma visited  Oxtongue Lake near northern most area of Algonquin highlands, she fell in love with its wilderness and beauty. Inspired by this wilderness pleasure, she thought of integrating her passion for nature into her profession by launching a sustainable apparel brand suitable for active lifestyle and whose mission would be to promote love for nature while being active. A portion of its profit would be spent for environment cleanliness.
                   Sustainable fashion has many aspects. Few of these are ensuring minimal Carbon footprints by avoiding overproduction, maximum use of natural fibers and maintaining green environment. MOOSE MOONRace collection executes some of these aspects to make Sustainable Fashion suitable for daily Active Lifestyle. Global pandemic has once again reminded all of us the significance of active living and maintaining green environment.


"Beauty of wilderness can be sustained only if humans continue to incorporate eco-friendly practices even during their leisure time'' - SALMA.
MOOSE MOONRace Founder, Salma